Motorbike Tubeless Tyres & More


The Box Draw Tent by Outdoor Primal is the only hardshell rooftop tent that will solely fit on your Dual Cab canopy or Dual Cab style side rack below the vehicle's roofline. No other hardshell tent does this! Australian built made here in Maryborough Qld.


  • Available in two different sizes 

  • Genuine *5 minutes set up or pack up time*

  • Guarantees quality product and service 

  • ONLY working with local suppliers to manufacture the Box Draw Tent 

  • Extras and custom build available

DuraMousse tubes are a foam insert that takes the place of an inner tube as the filling of your dirt bike tyre. By running Mousse tubes you eliminate the risk of getting a flat tire while out on the trail. By running Mousse tubes you now do NOT need to carry a spare tube, pump, air cylinder and tyre levers saving kgs and room in your backpack. Changing a tyre can take 1/2 an hour each time or lose your position in that all-important enduro due to a flat tyre. DuraMousse has been in Australia since 2016 and is a well known trusted brand within the Industry.

  • Sick of constantly cleaning dirty air filters after only one ride?

  • Want to protect your engine more with a 3-stage air filter?

Well, try our Filtertearoffs! 

Oil lightly then simply fit over the top of your factory air filter. No tools are required, as the Filtertearoffs are a snug fit over your original filter. The innovative foam and product are open enough not to restrict airflow but will still keep your filters clean.


We are a small business located in Maryborough Queensland that produces and supplies a range of products for all your outdoor needs. 



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