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About DuraMousse

DuraMousse tubes are a foam rubber insert that takes the place of an inner tube as the filling of your dirt bike tyre. By running Mousse tubes you eliminate the risk of getting a flat tire while out on the trail. By running Mousse tubes you now do NOT need to carry a spare tube, pump, air cylinder and tyre levers saving kgs & room in your backpack. Available in 3 compounds Enduro 10-12psi, Soft 6-8psi & MX 12-14psi.

Changing a tyre can take 1/2 an hour each time or lose your position in that all-important Enduro event due to a flat tyre. DuraMousse has been in Australia since 2016 and is a well known & trusted brand within the Industry.

More info to be found under the 'FAQ' section 'DuraMousse FAQ' ie shipping, maintenance.