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About Filtertearoffs

It was in 2002 that I thought that the filters that came as OME (original manufactures equipment) on off road motorcycles could do with some assistance. There is nothing wrong with getting a bit more life out of your more expensive filter, is there?
This is why I have designed "Filter Tear Offs" or FTOs. Remember that name, it is one that you will be using from now on, and one you will get to love.

For the first five years I had been designing and manufacturing these great products from home. At first I was making them for myself. Then my friends saw me using them as asked for one to try. They loved the ones that I gave them and asked for more. They showed it to their friends, who also loved them. They have become so popular in local circles that it was starting to get hard to keep up with requests for them. I thought that I would have do something about this.

The range is for the more popular models these days so refer to our Catalog for your bike.


Why Are More People Choosing Filtertearoffs?


Sick of constantly cleaning dirty air filters after only one ride ?

Want to protect your engine more with a 3-stage air filter ?

Well try these new Filtertearoffs !
Oil lightly then simply fit over top of your factory air filter.

No tools are required, as the Filtertearoffs are a snug fit over your original filter.

I have designed & have been using this product since 2002 & found these to save me time & money.  At Motocross events after a number of races I simply remove the dirty filtertearoff & replace with a clean one. I previously cleaned filters weekly, now I clean filters monthly plus my engine is protected better as the air filter is now a 3 stage unit!

The foam is open enough not to restrict air flow but will still keep your filters clean. These are currently being used by Pro Grade racers and trail riders alike. Once used you will wonder why they have not been available before. 

Whether you're out in the bush or practicing MX you will love these, fit a filtertearoff over the original filter & carry a couple with you as they take up next to no room.  During the day simply peel off the dirty filtertearoff & replace with a clean one
. Sold in a 3 pack.

** Filtertearoffs Sizing Chart**

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