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  • What Can I Expect For Shipping?
    SHIPPING POLICY Pick up is preferred, but if you are unable to do this then we recommend and use '' for shipping. It is preferred for you to organize your own freight but we can do this on your behalf. For the freight or shipping, the business will not be able to take responsibility if the unit was damaged in transit. In this unlikely event, you would need to liaise with e-go to resolve any issue’s and have the repairs completed your end. ​ If directed we would be arranging the freight on your behalf after full payment, please contact us via email for shipping cost. We will be adding 15% of the freight charge if our business is to organize this for you. ​ FREIGHT WEIGHTS Double weight including pallet is 105kg 124cm long, 146cm wide and 46cm high Queen weight including pallet is 110kg 124cm long, 163cm wide and 46cm high
  • Payment Options?
    PAYMENT This is to be completed via cash or direct deposit and must be cleared our end through the business bank account. To start a build a 50% deposit of unit cost is required via cash or direct deposit and must be cleared our end through the business bank account. PROCESS & UPDATES Progress photos will be supplied as each stage of the build is completed. Upon completion, payment will be required in full prior to shipping or pickup. PURCHASE POLICY This product has limited numbers of orders available at one time and is subject to be delayed due to high demand. If the unit required needs to be built it may take up to 10 weeks to complete, our aim is to have units in stock ready to go in the near future. If in stock, full payment is required prior to pick up or shipping. ​
  • Payment
    Option 1: Cash on site in Maryborough Qld Option 2: From our web site you need to choose your desired DuraMousse products. Once completed our system will calculate this cost and add a default $1 for shipping and this order will be sent to us to process. From here we research your exact address to calculate the correct postage costs and we add this to your order of DuraMousse goods then generate and invoice which is emailed to your nominated email address and a text message is also sent that we have emailed you that Invoice for you to consider. If you decide to purchase our Direct Deposit Details are contained within this invoice. Once full payment has been cleared our end a text message will be sent back to you acknowledging full payment and we proceed packing the order & organizing freight. Next a receipt will be emailed back to you along with the tracking details plus another text message sent with a photo of your order.
  • What Can I Expect For Duramousse Shipping?
    Shipping Cost: Freight costs are near on the same cost whether 1 or 2 x DuraMousse Bibs. Most customers if they don't need 2 get a mate to grab that second mousse to share the freight cost. After you have selected your required items and you are at the 'Cart' page there will be a message 'The shipping cost displayed is not exact, an updated invoice will be sent via email after purchase' along with our account details. *For Outback / Remote Australia and New Zealand locations may charge a little extra and we will need to pass this cost on or if does not deliver to your address and a alternative address may need to be found. We will respond back to you if this does occur. Additional 1 kg Silicon lube is available only with purchase's of 2 x DuraMousse bibs with NO extra freight charges.
  • Information sheet, Fitting and Maintenance - Please read Important !"
    Our Video also lots of great video's on You Tube on fitting a Mousse Tubes. Every brand of tire is a little different in sizing, some quite small others generous making the science a little bit funky and a can of worms'. Our web site contains a fitting spread sheet with general tyre and Mousse sizes with over 700 tyres and our selection of mousse bibs. Rule of thumb I have never been able to fit a 140/80-18 mousse into a 120/90-18 tire (tyre is never deep enough) but with experience can fit a 140/80-18 into both 110/100-18 and 120/100-18 (mostly Dunlop, Pirelli & Golden Tyre) as these are a generous size tire whereas Bridgestone, Maxis and Mittas can be quite small. It’s also common for dual rim locks to be used where the guys want the softest set up available and fit a small mousse into the biggest tire they can get. I am now using Tubliss tape on the rim prior to fitting as it seals the spokes better so the silicon does not leak out plus a better seal for that squirt of air to seat the tire. Not a bad idea to cut out a valve stem from an old tube to reinsert into the now vacant rim hole. This can later be used to shoot a squirt of air to seat the tyre bead. Apply the supplied silicon lube to the inside of tyre before installing the mousse, this will help reduce heating due to friction between the tyre & mousse. Also apply to the rim tape so the Mousse will end up being lubricated both in the tyre and against the rim. A dry mousse with wear much quicker so the mousse will need more lubricant added during its life. When checking it should be moist all over. If dry you have left it too long between checks. Wipe excess silicon lube from bead or the tyre could slip on the rim. If bead lube is required use tyre soap, WD40 or soapy water, not the silicon lube supplied. Rim lock MUST be used to prevent tyre slip, if no rim lock is used the rim can spin inside the tyre causing the mousse to heat up leading to premature wear or destruction. ***Off road use only. Do not use the mousse on asphalt roads for very long distances or at high speeds. If you are forced to do some klm's on asphalt keep the speed down to avoid overheating the mousse. Prolonged use over 110kmh will lead to premature wear. When used in high temperatures or at prolonged high speed the lube may dissipate leaving the mousse dry and prone to overheating and will need to be re-lubed after use. Store in a cool place >30deg C and out of direct sunlight. Re-lube around the 40 hr of usage mark otherwise the Mousse will dry out and not last. When the pressure drops away don't be afraid to cut the Mousse and insert another piece into the tire which will increase the pressure.
  • How to install a Mousse tube?
    If you also search You Tube 'How to Install a mousse tube' there are lots of video's
  • What Is Your Warrently Policy?
    Limited 3 month back to base warranty
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