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DuraMousse bibs are designed for ‘Off Road Use ONLY’. DuraMousse tubes are a foam/rubber insert that takes the place of an inner tube as the filling of your dirt bike tyre. By running Mousse tubes you eliminate the risk of getting a flat tire while out on the trail. By running Mousse tubes you now do NOT need to carry a spare tube, pump, air cylinder and tyre levers saving kgs and room in your backpack. Changing a tyre can take 1/2 an hour each time or lose your position in that all-important event due to a flat tyre.

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Want to protect your engine more with a 3-stage air filter? Sick of constantly cleaning dirty air filters after only one ride? Our FiltearTearOffs will keep your filters clean.



Wholesale with us not only will you receive great products, and excellent service but also very competitive pricing resulting in customer satisfaction.

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