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Simply add a piece/section to increase the pressure back to original. We simply cut a NEW DuraMousse bib into 10 and sell to customers as they are maintaining and re-lubing their mousse's. Let us know if a front or rear is required. We will send out the larger size pice/section of mousse so you may need to trim a little!

DuraMousse piece/section

  • Shipping Cost: 

    Supply your address and we will email you an invoice with your exact freight costings. Generally 2 x DuraMousse bibs delivered to your doors via Aramex is $35 -$65 depending on your location.

    To check your address for shipping go to

    Pick up post code is 4650 then use your address. L 66cm, W66cm, H 21cm, weight is 6kg for a pair of DuraMousse bibs.

  • Ensure you check our DuraMousse sizing data for your exact tyre and required pressure 

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